EH&S Technical Training

paragraph-logo Technical & Safety Training services improve overall workforce and worksite safety by instilling a preventative and sustainable safety culture across your company’s operation.

Our training experts maximize effectiveness by combining concise course materials with hands-on activities – and in some cases simulated training exercises. The results ensure worker understanding and application of best safety practices to reduce and prevent incidents, decrease Workers’ Compensation claims, and lower operating costs.

provides your company with:

  • Training Program Development
  • Customized Safety Training Courses
  • OSHA-Mandated Compliance Training
  • Compliance Training Reporting
  • Hands-On and Simulated Training
  • Safety Leadership and Accountability



paragraph-logo Technical & Safety Training:

  • Improves worker awareness and application of industry leading safety practices.
  • Reduces incidents, risks, absenteeism, and lost time.
  • Lowers Workers’ Compensation claims, losses, and costs.
  • Provides required OSHA training for regulatory compliance.
  • Formalizes safety training program to ensure all workers perform job duties safely.
  • Instills a preventative and sustainable safety culture across the organization.