Safety Leadership Accountability

World class organizations require all employees — from the board room to the front line worker – to take BOTH an active role and accountability in safety.  This philosophy is the foundation in establishing a proactive and sustainable safety management system.

The Safety Leadership Accountability Program builds the foundation to achieve world class safety by focusing on three key principles of Alignment, Accountability, and Action. These principles are at the core in creating organization-wide behavior and culture where safety becomes a “frame-of-mind” and no longer relies on chance.

paragraph-logo Safety Leadership Accountability elevates your company’s safety performance by:

  • Defining specific Safety Goals, Metrics, and Activities across all levels of the organization.
  • Developing Leading Indicators to effective measure, manage, and continuously improve safety performance.
  • Providing tools and processes for implementing the safety management system.
  • Defining the linkage between safety, productivity, and profitability.
  • Developing essential training requirements that instill and reinforce a proactive safety culture.

paragraph-logo  Safety Leadership Accountability Program:

  • Creates a high performance safety management system.
  • Establishes safety accountability across the organization.
  • Defines ‘day-to-day’ activities linked to proactive safety behavior.
  • Provides the platform for continuous safety performance improvement.
  • Recognizes and rewards employee safety behavior and performance.