Industrial Hygiene

paragraph-logo has the people, programs, and processes to provide your company with industry leading Industrial Hygiene solutions that create a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.

Whether you require a comprehensive evaluation, monitoring, or just augmenting your existing IH staff and program, our team of Board Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) can maximize the protection of your most valuable asset — your people.

paragraph-logo supports your company in:

  • Identifying Worker Risk of Injury or Illness from Physical, Chemical, and Biological Exposure
  • Monitoring Noise, Vibration, Dust, Heat, and Radiation Levels
  • Complying with OSHA Regulations and Industry Standards
  • Optimizing Workforce and Worksite Air Quality
  • Increasing Productivity Through Lower Absenteeism
  • Controlling Workers’ Compensation Costs Through Better Work Environment

paragraph-logo Industrial Hygiene Services:

  • IH Program Evaluation and Development
  • Risk Assessment and Prioritization
  • Monitoring of Chemical Exposure: Chemical Gases, Vapors, Dusts, Mists, and Fumes
  • Monitoring of Physical Hazard Exposure: Noise, Vibration, Dust, Heat, Cold, and Radiation
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Training
  • Comprehensive Compliance Audits
  • PPE Risk Assessments and Fit Testing