services: Indsutrial Safety Safety Management OSHA // DATE: March 27, 2019

One of our heavy industrial clients engaged our services after a string of severe accidents left them with seriously injured employees, an OSHA investigation, and the potential for willful negligence.  This client is an excellent employer and cares for each of his team members.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make things safer for his workers, he didn’t understand how it should be done.  To make matters worse, the company was about to be removed from multiple projects due to poor safety performance.

Our team met with the client’s management team and worked to understand the dynamics of the company to determine the underlying management system failures that resulted in the injuries.  We were able to immediately place top notch safety professionals at the multiple construction sites across the country and establish one of our team members as a Temporary Safety Director(TSD) to oversee the development and implementation of a safety program.  The home office team members were able to work with the TSD to create a customized safety manual, develop safety training for all employees, and develop a 40-hour front line supervisor training program.  While our Industrial Safety Group actively worked with the TSD and field personnel to meet their immediate safety needs, a company-wide Operational Assessment was conducted to deep-dive into the management system short-comings and provide them with a real-time picture of the organization.  This Operational Assessment was used to provide the company with a detailed plan to streamline how they conduct work activities and minimize the chances of future safety incidents.