Program Quality Verification Audit

paragraph-logo proprietary Program Quality Verification (PQV) Audit is a proven and powerful safety management tools for assessing a company’s Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems (EHSMS). The PQV Audit provides a comprehensive examination of seven (7) elements to determine the level of maturity and effectiveness of the EHSMS and procedural compliance.

The results generate objective evidence and critical information that identifies risk and prioritizes corrective actions – all contributing to improving safety program effectiveness, employee morale, productivity, operating efficiency, and financial performance.

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PQV Audit Solution:

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems.
  • Provides objective evidence of safety program results to meet company standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Gauges organization readiness for a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) audit.
  • Generates corrective actions and ‘Risk-Ranks’ priorities to reduce/eliminate problems.
  • Benchmarks EH&S results and performance for continuous improvement.

PQV Audit Benefits:

  • Identifies safety issues to increase management awareness, engagement and action.
  • Demonstrates management involvement, support, and responsiveness to employee safety.
  • Provides critical and fact-based information for effective decision making.
  • Assesses employee training effectiveness and application of best safety practices.
  • Enables continuous improvement of safety performance across the organization.