CATEGORY: In the News // DATE: June 11, 2019

Article featured in BIC magazine.

OneSource EHS’ Daigle: ‘We help companies go beyond regulatory compliance’

OneSource EHS is known around the industry for being able to elevate companies’ EHS programs beyond regulatory compliance and help them achieve industry-leading safety performance and operational excellence. According to OneSource EHS Owner and President Ronny Daigle, the company is successful today because of its people. The OneSource EHS team has the experience, work ethic and dedication to assist clients in their efforts to protect their most valuable assets: people, property and profits. 

“We have built a team of some of the industry’s most experienced and diligent experts in their respective fields to lead teams of safety professionals, technicians, engineers and industrial hygienists,” Daigle said. “It’s not the experienced individuals who have made us successful, though; it’s our team approach to providing solutions. We have a mantra in the company: We understand that, individually, we will be picked apart and our weaknesses revealed, but as a team, there is no obstacle we can’t overcome.”

According to Daigle, OneSource EHS team members approach their professional careers and personal lives in much the same manner: with a “servant leader” mentality.   “Our dedication to service is what truly makes us a unique asset to our clients,” Daigle said. “We help companies go beyond regulatory compliance. We are dedicated to protecting our families, our clients and our communities, and it is evident in our commitment to service.”

OneSource EHS helps companies maximize workforce and worksite safety; reduce and prevent incidents; lower workers’ compensation claims, losses and costs; and comply with federal, state and local regulations. OneSource EHS’ technical teams work hand-in-hand with clients to provide comprehensive approaches to problem solving and strategic progress.

“We are not just a safety company or an environmental consulting firm; we are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who appreciate the demands of industry and understand the challenges of business owners, plant managers and executives to maintain safety and productivity,” Daigle said. “We are able to approach an issue and understand the dynamic impact it has on operations, health and safety, training for new processes, management of change, etc. Our combined experience and expertise in EHS provides that unique solution to help our clients produce quality, cost-saving results while protecting their employees.”

Daigle said OneSource EHS is continually looking for ways to maximize its services for clients. OneSource EHS has had many recent successes in the chemical and petrochemical industries, and the company is working to extend its core services to reach more clients in the oil and gas fields, while continuing to expand its offerings to manufacturing companies, industrial contractors and the construction sector.

“We are working to stay current with emerging technology trends that enhance our core service offerings and bring the best possible solutions to our clients,” Daigle stated. “There are so many new advancements related to interactive procedures and training, and we are excited to be moving into the future, exploring ways to bring industry to the next level.”

Some of OneSource EHS’ recent and most exciting changes have been attributed to its growth. The company continues to add technical expertise to its team and focus on increasing its value and service to clients.

“We have made strategic executive changes that have provided us with the depth in our organization to continue to grow,” Daigle explained. “With the addition of Curtis Shakotko as our new COO, we have had the opportunity to focus on developing new and innovative methods of providing valuable services to our clients. Curtis now leads our executive management team. With a unique combination of over 25 years of practical, regulatory and technical management experience, he has proven to be a valuable asset to our team. Curtis is leading the organization to successfully develop strong internal controls to maximize quality and efficiency of project work, while driving organizational discipline to maintain a competitive advantage within this industry.”

With new additions to the OneSource EHS team and its commitment to advancements in technology and customer service, the company is positioning itself to grow in new markets, offer more value, and continue to provide exceptional service to its clients and communities.

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