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In a technical industry such as ours, we often get questions from parties involved. We have compiled a list of some of the questions that we are often asked.

OneSource prides ourselves by working alongside our clients to keep projects moving.  Our diligent hands-on approach to project management requires us to provide you with options and solutions when challenges arise.  Our carefully selected team has the knowledge, qualifications, and experience necessary to understand all of the dynamics and challenges you’re facing on a daily basis.

We provide on-site services that may take the form of a safety specialist helping keep people safe, a technical team providing project oversight, or other types of projects.  We choose the best people for your unique needs and ensure we’re managing our team behind the scenes.  All OneSource projects have an assigned project manager that oversees the scope, budget, deliverables, and ensures that on-site team members are continuously responding to your project specific needs.  It is our commitment to find the best person for your on-site needs, verify they’re responding to your daily project needs, and always ensure they are acting in the best interest of both OneSource and you.

Our team of highly qualified professionals are able to provide stand-alone technical services, on-site support, and comprehensive program development for you and your company.  We have engaged some of industry’s top professionals, which allows us to understand how all aspects of an EHS program should support your company’s operational needs and to protect your people, property and profits.

Since inception, OneSource has worked to be a full-service consulting firm that provides a high level of operational support to our clients.  With this foresight, we’ve strategically recruited top notch professionals with highly complementary skill sets to maximize their incredible synergies.

OneSource believes that EHS programs should be fully integrated into a company’s daily operations.  There should be a seamless integration between your operations and safety programs.  We actively recruit team members that share this belief and have experience in EHS and operations.  After thoroughly screening candidates, we complement our team’s experience with industry best practices and strong project controls. 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and have helped multiple clients that, due to fatalities, multiple accidents, or regulatory violations, have been kicked off projects and were under the intense scrutiny of federal and state agencies.  We meet our clients at their greatest need to help them develop and execute a corrective action plan to put them back on the path to success.


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